Live Music for Your Event in Miami

If there is something that can turn any occasion and place into a special memory, it is live music. Since it represents an essential element at parties and has the power to provide pleasant experiences, relieve tensions, change our mood and increase enthusiasm.
In any event live music helps generate emotions and involve guests in the environment that has been designed for them. Thanks to this element, the different moments of the celebration can be separated, even though everything is done in the same space. Having music at an event or meeting will always help to make a good impression and generate valuable memories in the memory of the guests.

Therefore, in our entertainment company My Party Show, we offer different options of musical presentations, made up of integral, widely experienced musicians, with imposing voices, mastery of a wide variety of instruments and with an extensive repertoire made up of different genres. All with the intention of animating your event and giving that special touch to your celebration, which will certainly make it unforgettable.

The main singers in our live music shows are:

Alian Melian:

Originally from Cuba, based in Miami, he has dedicated most of his life to music. He is a singer, songwriter, arranger, arts instructor and music producer. Master different styles and musical genres, such as ballad, regatta, boleros, pop, salsa, cumbia, merengue, American music, Mexican music, rock, etc. His charisma and talent have earned him the affection of the public and throughout his career his talent has been recognized with awards on several occasions, in TV, radio and press shows.

Mariana Lev:

Singer and producer born in Argentina, she is passionate about music; It is currently based in Miami. It has more than 20 years of musical career, in which it should be noted that he has participated in various musical festivals and competitions, where he has sometimes won; as it was in the XXI Festival of the Latin American Song of California, in 2001, where he won «International Talent Trophy».

The types of live music presentations we offer at My Party Show are:

  • Solo presentation
  • Secret Soul musical duet (Conformer by Mariana and Alian)
  • Musical Trio
  • Secret Soul Latin Band (Musical band of various genres and languages)
  • Secret Soul American Band (Band with repertoire of American music of various genres)
  • Latin Jazz (Jazz music trio)

You will find the best live music show in My Party Show. Because as if that were not enough, we accompany the talented voices of our singers with different types of instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, percussion (congas, bongos, timbale), saxophone, violin and steel pan.


We offer a professional service at a very competitive price.

Request information about our live music presentations or hire us, through the number +1 (754) 209-5536.

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