The Jewmba is here!
This project is a musical innovation directed to the Jewish community and for anyone
affinity with the Jewish culture, the Hebrew language and music.

Mariana Lev, is a profesional singer, with 30 years in the internment business of Hebrew music, Latin and international music and dance instructor. she has proposed an infusion of both Latin and Hebrew music. To create to a unique project in the United States.
Jewmba is divided into two categories, one is Latin “Jewmba Dance and Jewmband”

Latin Jewmba

The Jewmba Duo, is a musical show where songs in the Hebrew language are sung in multiple Latin genres such as salsa, merengue, bachata and more, ideal for any Jewish celebration or event.
For all ages and on the occasion of preference.
Enjoy with us your favorite Hebrew songs, with the taste of Latin music.

The “Jewmband”, is a musical group where the Jewish songs are music are sang in multiple Latin rhythm like Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and more, ideal for any occasion or Jewish events.

For all ages and occasion. “Jewmba is Here! Enjoy favorite Hebrew song with Latin flavor!

Latin Jewmba Dance is a discipline dance clases while at the same time you exercise, you learn choreography and you  also have the opportunity to learn a variation of Jewish songs with Latin rhythm.